Our Customers

Among our customers, we count some of the most important electric power distribution companies in Brazil:


The largest non-state electric power company in Brazil, CPFL is accounted for the distribution of electric energy to more than 7.4 million customers in the states of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Minas Gerais.


A subsidiary of Spanish energy company Iberdrola (BME: IBE), Elektro is one of the biggest Brazilian electric power distributors, operating in 223 towns in São Paulo state and in five other municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul state.


Serving 118 municipalities and a population about 4.5 million in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, AES Sul owns and operates 59 substations spread in a 38,421 square miles area. It is controlled by US power company AES (NYSE: AES).


Celesc is a Brazilian power company which controls electric distribution, generation and transmission assets in Santa Catarina state. It serves about 2.6 million clients in 257 Santa Catarina municipalities and the city of Rio Negro in Paraná state.


Our systems have become important tools to operational efficiency of our customers, managing hundreds of thousands of miles of assets networks and contributing to the productivity of their field force.

Elektro – NEO Project

  • Asset Management;
  • Project Designing;
  • As Built Consolidation;
  • Networks Inspection.

Elektro – ANEEL 367

  • Field Survey;
  • Distribution of teams among the areas;
  • Consolidation and validation of collected data;
  • Integration with the distribution management system.

CPFL – Project Designing

  • Asset Management;
  • Project Designing;
  • As Built Consolidation.

CPFL – Networks Inspection

  • Field inspection;
  • Highlight of objects to be inspected;
  • Record of irregularities;
  • Integration with Maintenance Management System (MMS).

AES Sul – Tree Pruning

  • Assignment of work orders to teams;
  • Record of irregularities;
  • Integration with maintenance system.

AES Sul – Designing and Building

  • Project Designing;
  • Voltage Drop Calculation;
  • Mechanic Calculation;
  • Budgeting;
  • As Built Reports and Consolidation.


  • Asset Management;
  • Project Designing;
  • As Built Consolidation;
  • Emergency Work Orders.